Scientific Program Committee

Diana T. Atashroo, MD
Foundations Course Director
Alexandra Milspaw, PhD, MEd
Post-conference Members
Karen Brandon, DSc, PT, WCS - Course Director
Amy Stein, MPT, DPT, BCB-PFD, IF - Course Director

Faculty Members:
Jorge Carillo, MD, MHPE, FACOG: Orlando VA Healthcare
Ramona Horton, MPT, DPT: Asante Rogue Regional Medical; Faculty-Herman & Wallace
Alexandra Milspaw, PhD, M.Ed, LPC, CST: Pelvic Rehab Medicine
Jandra Mueller, DPT: Pelvic Health and Rehab Center
Jill Mueller, PT: Healthy Balance Physiotherapy and Wellness
Stephanie Prendergast, MPT: Pelvic Health and Rehab Center
Tracy Sher, MPT, DPT, CSCS: Sher Pelvic Health and Healing
Scientific Program Director
Jorge Carrillo, MD, MPHE
Stacey Bennis, MD
Jorge Carrillo, MD, MHPE
Corey Hazama, DPT, OCS, FMT, PRPC
Janelle Moulder, MD
Kathryn Witzeman, MD, FACOG
Roundtables Associate Directors
Amy Benjamin, MD
Yolianne Lozada, MD
Associate Scientific Program Director
Sara Till, MD, MPH
Main Conference Members
Catherine Allaire, MD
Sawsan As-Sanie, MD, MPH
Erkut Attar, MD
Erin Teeter Carey, MD
Mario Castellanos, MD
Juan D Villegas Echeverri, MD, FACOG
Heather Jeffocat, DPT
Georgine Lamvu, MD, MPH
Frank Tu, MD
Abstracts Members
Meryl J. Alappattu, PhD (Associate Director)
Jason Kutch, PhD (Associate Director)
Stacey Bennis, MD
Tim Deimling, MD


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