Creating Pelvic Floor Health PhysioYoga Video Practices

thumbnail SPY Cover HighResThese PhysioYoga Pelvic Floor Health video practices were created by Physical Therapist and Yoga Therapist, Shelly Prosko, who has been integrating yoga therapy into PT for over 2 decades. These videos can be accessed and downloaded online by you and your patients.
These video practices were created to enhance pelvic floor health for both men and women and are intended to be used as an adjunct to your patients' pelvic rehab and wellness home care.

The practices address the roles our pelvic floor plays in breathing, the core strategy system, hip function, dynamic balance and more. They are filmed in breathtaking nature settings with spectacular cinematography and soulful music uniquely created with special care and attention to the intentions of each practice.

The practices are divided into 2 parts:

Part A: "Pelvic Floor Muscle Relaxation":
30 minute practice of releasing the pelvic floor muscles through pelvic floor awareness practices, visualization/PF imagery, and breathing practices, during mindful movements and yoga postures.

Part B: "Pelvic Floor Muscle Engagement":
40 minute practice that includes various whole body mindful movements and yoga postures integrated with the breath pattern that facilitate functional engagement of the pelvic floor muscles.

A free bonus feature is included:
The 'Toilet Meditation', where Shelly guides you through the 6 stages of mindful toileting that she created to help improve awareness and pelvic floor muscle relaxation to help fully empty the bowel and bladder.

*This bonus feature is available for you to stream for free, if you purchase both Part A and Part B videos above as the "Buy All" package.

For a sneak peak of the practices to see what to expect, watch the 4 minute trailer here:

To learn what pelvic health PTs around the world are saying about these videos and how they are helping their patients, visit the link to access the videos below.

To access these video practices please visit:
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