Announcing the IPPS International Ambassador Program

The IPPS International Ambassador will be an IPPS member whose focus is to identify and establish collaborations in their region and between North American based IPPS members and international colleagues who have a similar interest in pelvic pain.

The IPPS will support up to 1 international ambassador position for each of the following regions: 1) Africa, 2) Asia, 3) Australia/New Zealand/Pacific Islands, 4) Europe, 5) Latin America & the Caribbean, 6) Middle East, 7) North America*
*Regions may be consolidated or divided based on need and equitable representation globally

Mission and Objectives:

  • Encourage membership growth in their region (recruit at least 3 new IPPS members, develop international member engagement programs)
  • Encourage regional colleagues to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting on Pelvic Pain and to submit research abstracts and topical seminars for presentation for the meeting
  • Propose, deliver, and expand pelvic pain education opportunities to healthcare providers within region (Educational programs and webinars)
  • Disseminate information about IPPS resources to patients and providers within the region (consider translation of materials as needed)
  • Encourage collaboration between the IPPS and its international members: Identify what is needed in the region so that IPPS can respond to regional needs (scholarships, mentorships, preceptorships, etc.). Can also encourage regional attendance/participation at annual fundraising events
  • Encourage regional representation and sustainability by cultivating other leaders/ambassadors from each region

Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Be an active IPPS member and maintain IPPS membership throughout your term.
  • Reside in the region or have well-established connections within region
  • Serve a two-year term as ambassador
  • Ambassadors serve as members of the IPPS International Liaison Committee during their term to help identify regional needs, establish objectives, and assist in the development and implementation of initiatives planned for their region.

Benefits of Being an Ambassador:

  • Formal recognition at the Annual Scientific Meeting Awards Ceremony
  • Invitation to present at the Annual Scientific Meeting on Pelvic Pain about the state of pelvic pain medicine in your region
  • Discounted meeting registration (50%) excluding fundraising events and two nights hotel accommodation to attend the meeting

Application and Review Process:
If you are interested in being an International Ambassador please submit your CV, and letter of intent indicating a region and describing how you are best suited for this position to

Submissions will be reviewed by the International Committee and a recommendation made to the Board of Directors for final selection and approval.

Upcoming Events

  • 24th Annual Scientific Meeting on Pelvic Pain - October 21-24, 2021 - Baltimore, MD Read More