Patient Advocate Reporter Award

Submission for the 2020 PAR is currently closed.

Interested in Patient Education and Pelvic Pain? Are you currently a trainee? If so, become a Patient Advocate Reporter, and receive complimentary registration to the IPPS Annual Scientific Meeting on Pelvic Pain!

Part of the IPPS mission is to inform patients with pelvic pain about the newest developments in diagnosis and treatment. Each year, the IPPS Patient Education Committee selects 2 Patient Advocate Reporters (PAR). Patient Advocate Reporter(s) attend the IPPS Annual Scientific Meeting and select the lectures they found most interesting and applicable to pelvic pain patients. Each PAR selects at least 3 sessions and submits a 1-page summary in lay language for each section attended that was of interest. These reports are then posted on the IPPS website [] under the ‘patient resources’ section where they are available for public viewing. In return, each Patient Advocate Reporter receives complementary registration to the Scientific Meeting.

Patient Advocate Reporter Requirements:
1) The trainees have to be IPPS members (i.e. trainee membership status)
2) This award may be awarded in conjunction with other awards (i.e. a trainee can apply for this and for a resident scholarship)
3) Trainees can be residents, fellows, medical students or other trainee with a post doc degree (e.g. MD, PhD, MPH, PT or equivalent)

Please submit the following: 
1) CV
2) Documentation of training status
3) Statement of interest (500 maximum words) outlining your prior writing experience, and why you should be considered as a Patient Advocate Reporter

All requirements must be emailed to

Patient Advocate Reporters will be given complimentary registration to the Annual Scientific Meeting. Reporters will need to provide their own transportation and accommodation (if applicable). Registration fees for the Basics course, Research Course and Cadaver Course are not included in the complimentary registration. Reporters must be IPPS members . PARs are presented at the annual business meeting with a certificate of gratitude from the IPPS.

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