The James E. Carter Pain Achievement Lecture Award

This lecture honorarium will be awarded to recognize lifetime achievement in pain research and education. It will honor researchers and clinicians with significant contributions to pain research, education, and clinical care. These contributions should be in the form of publications and national and international lectures on a subject related to pelvic pain and associated factors. Speakers will be selected based on clinical or research excellence. Anyone can submit a nomination by providing the speaker name, CV and a brief letter stating why the speaker is being nominated. Providing a sample of the proposed lecture is encouraged.

The winner of this award will be invited to present the Carter Memorial Plenary Session Lecture. Selection of the winner will be made by the Program Committee Chair and President of the IPPS as they select the speaker for the Annual Meeting Plenary Session.

• Faculty or post-doctoral fellow in any related field (all medical fields, pain, physical therapy, psychiatry, nursing) 
• Must have a post doctorate degree (e.g. MD, PhD, MPH) 
• IPPS Contact / Title Page Form with biography 

Upcoming Events

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