This grant will be awarded to any resident, fellow, post-doctoral scholar who proposes to implement a pilot clinical, research, education or publication project that has the potential to improve the lives of patients with pelvic pain. This grant is a membership benefit that also requires mentorship by an IPPS member. International applicants are accepted. The grant is limited to post-doctoral applicants (MD, MPH, PhD) across all specialties that may encompass care of patients with pain. 

The winner of this award is required to submit an abstract describing their results at the annual IPPS meeting. Applicants must submit an application describing the project objectives, design, and methods. Applications are limited to 6 pages and must be submitted using the IPPS Grant Application SHORT Form (no other formats will be accepted). The applications will be reviewed by the Research and Program committees who will recommend 3 finalists. The winner will be selected by the IPPS President, and the Research and Program Committee Chairs. 


Applications will open in 2020

 • IPPS Grant Application - Short Form
• Resident, fellow or post-doctoral fellow in any related field (all medical fields, pain, physical therapy, psychiatry, nursing) 
• Must have a post doctorate degree (e.g. MD, PhD, MPH) 
• IPPS Contact / Title Page Form with biography 
• Applicant must present project at IPPS annual meeting when the project is completed 
• Applicant must be an IPPS member 
• CV 
• 2 letters of recommendation (including a letter from department Chair or equivalent and a letter from a mentor) 
• CITI training certificate if performing human subject research or Canadian equivalent TCPS 
• The final project must obtain institutional review board approval if necessary, i.e. the institution where the research is being conducted must have access to an IRB or equivalent.