The American Society of Pain Educators (ASPE) is a professional nonprofit organization dedicated to improving pain management through the education and training of healthcare professionals to become Certified Pain Educators (CPEs). As the only organization focusing on pain educator training, the Society teaches healthcare professionals to serve as resources to educate their clinical peers, as well as patients, families, and caregivers, on ways to relieve pain by the safest means possible. ASPE members are the frontline practitioners when it comes to treating pain. They are ‘go to’ resources in their practices and organizations, imparting evidence-based guidelines, translating care plans, and monitoring for safety, efficacy, and adherence. They are charged with delivering better health outcomes. The IPPS has partnered with ASPE to ensure we achieve the vision that every healthcare facility will one day have a Certified Pain Educator (CPE) on staff. This is an important goal considering the current state of pain management in the United States and around the world. To achieve this goal the IPPS is funding $500 scholarships for IPPS members that are interested in completing the ASPE certification. 

This scholarship is only available to IPPS members who wish to register to take the ASPE certification within 1 year. The $500 can only be used towards the ASPE membership and certification test fees, and will be paid directly to the ASPE on behalf of the selected IPPS member. IPPS members (including board members) who obtain this certification will be encouraged to participate in the IPPS Fundamentals course that is held annually at the IPPS Annual Meeting. Preference will be given to IPPS board members and members that have had an active role in the IPPS annual meetings or committees. Winners of this award will be selected by the IPPS board at the Annual Board Meeting. 


• Faculty, fellow or post-doctoral fellow in any related field (all medical fields, pain, physical therapy, psychiatry, nursing) 
• Must have a post doctorate degree (e.g. MD, PhD, MPH) 
• IPPS Contact / Title Page Form with biography 
• CV 
• 2 letters of recommendation 
• A brief personal statement (250 words or less) describing the educational goals of the applicant as well as how the certification will benefit the member and the IPPS