Day 1

Presidential Address & Keynote
Amy Stein, DPT
Daniel Clauw, MD

Cluster 3 - Central Nervous System Hypersensitivity 
Moderator: Katy Vincent, MD 
Lorimer Moseley, PhD

Day 2

Keynote Lecture: Understanding Visceral Pain
Gerald Gebhart, PhD

Cluster 4 -Bowel Disorders
Moderator: Frank Tu, MD
Qasim Aziz, PhD
Gisela Chelimsky, MD
William Whitehead, PhD
Oral Abstract 4: Casey Ligon, BS

Cluster 5 - Vulvar Pain
Moderator: Georgine Lamvu, MD
Bernard Harlow, PhD
David Foster, MD
Oral Abstract 5: Melanie Morin, PhD

Cluster 6 - Sexual Dysfunction
Moderator: Melissa Farmer, PhD
James Pfaus, PhD
Andrew Goldstein, MD
Oral Abstract 6: Alix Aboussouan, BS

Day 3

Keynote Lecture: Body and Brain in Lumbopelvic Pain
Paul Hodges, PhD

Cluster 7 - Musculoskeletal Pain
Moderator: Stephanie Prendergrast, MPT
Ramona Horton, MPT
Diane Lee, BSR
Rhonda Kotarinos, DPT
Oral Abstract 7: Susanne Koltz, MSc

Cluster 8 - Pelvic Neuralgias 
Moderator: Richard Marvel, MD
Eric Bautrant, MD
Tracy Sher, MPT
Mario Castellanos, MD
Oral Abstract 8: Mario Castellanos, MD

Cluster 9 -Biopsychosocial Factors and Chronic Pain
Moderator: Erin Carey, MD
Afton Hassett, PsyD
Michael Hooten, MD
Oral Abstract 9: David Eisenstein, MD

Day 4

Post-Conference Session - Pain Science Update
Lorimer Moseley, PhD

Post-Conference Session -Developments in Understanding the Biology of the Body and Brain in Pelvic Pain
Paul Hodges, PhD