2020 Topical Seminars

Call for 2020 IPPS Topical Seminars 
Submission Deadline Extended: August 12, 2020 August 21, 2020  



The seminars will be 150-minute sessions featuring in-depth learning, discussion and in some cases, hand-on experiences with 2-3 speakers and a moderator. Topical seminars are intended to provide attendees with more in-depth learning about topics related to chronic pain and pelvic pain. They are also intended to provide opportunity for interacting with experts in a specific field.

The Scientific Program Committee seeks diverse proposals that address a variety of topics and diverse perspectives. Diversity may include different approaches presented, global composition of the faculty, inclusion of basic science, translational, clinical perspectives and interactive experiences.


• Each seminar must have no more than 3 faculty and 1 moderator (who may serve as the 4th faculty)
• The organizer and all faculty must register to attend the meeting (registration, lodging and travel costs will not be covered by the IPPS).
• A faculty member may not be involved in more than one workshop per day.
• The seminar proposal must be submitted via the website submission portal only; faxed, emailed or mailed proposals will not be accepted.
• All seminars must be submitted in English, although international members / teams are encouraged to apply.
• The Scientific Program Committee reserves the right to request changes of specific speakers and/or presentation and to make acceptance of the proposal contingent on those changes.
• All faculty must review the IPPS speaker instructions and comply with speaker guidelines (e.g. using only generic names when pharmaceuticals are presented) after acceptance and prior to presentation.
• Seminars must conform the IPPS seminar format provided in the submission portal which describes duration of seminar, breaks and question and answer sessions. • Items required for these proposals include:
        o Topic and seminar title
        o Intended audience
        o 3 Educational objectives
        o In-depth description of the entire seminar (no more than 5000 characters) and brief descriptions for each session (no more than 1000 characters).
        o A justification for why it is the right time to present this topic, what clinical or research challenges does the seminar address?
        o An explanation for why the material covered could not be presented in another conference 
        o Explain the devices, equipment, or other special requirements needed for the seminar.
        o How do you plan to engage the audience, which may be as large as 150 attendees and may include diverse healthcare providers in multiple specialties (e.g. MDs, PTs, RNs, PhDs, DOs, etc.)?
• Speakers and moderators must provide: o Professional information (title, institution, name)
        o CVs, a 50-word biography and a digital headshot for each faculty.
        o Contact information (complete mailing address, telephone number, fax number, email address) for each faculty.
        o Proposed title of each speaker’s presentation.
        o All materials (including printed materials) that need to be disseminated to attendees.
• Preference will be given to seminars that show clear methods for engaging the audience and encourage discussion using case-based examples.
• If selected, the organizer must agree to comply with all timelines for submitting seminar materials including slides and printed materials for all faculty
• When submitting a proposal, please select the most appropriate topic from the list provided below:
Hot Topics for 2020
General Mechanisms of Pain
Visceral Pain Syndromes (e.g. IC, IBS, Endometriosis, Dysmenorrhea)
Neuropathies and Neuralgias
Myofascial Pelvic Pain or Dysfunction
Novel Pain Treatments, Neuromodulation, Photo-biomodulation, Electrostimulation
Vulvar / Vaginal Pain Syndromes
Sexual Dysfunction
Psychosocial Pain Mechanisms
Integrative Health Therapies for Pain
Transgender Health
Innovative Treatments for Pain
Cultural Influences on Pain
Gender and Sexual Influences on Pain
Pain Treatments and/or Interventions
Documentation, Coding and Billing for Pain Interventions or Care
Integrative Health and Care Modalities 
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Modalities