IPPS Responds to Inquiries About the Recent American Pain Society (APS) Bankruptcy

The IPPS Board of Directors would like to express its sadness that APS has filed for dissolution via Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

The IPPS Board of Directors would like to express its sadness that APS has filed for dissolution via Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. In light of the fact that APS was a chapter of IASP and that IASP also serves as the management company for IPPS we are taking this opportunity to clarify IPPS’ status and independence.

Regarding the relationship between APS and IASP, you can read IASP’s statement about APS here. All IASP chapters have independent governance, legal and financial structures from IASP and as a result, any chapter’s financial or legal issues have no impact on IASP.

In 2018 IPPS engaged IASP to provide management services for IPPS, however, the IPPS is an independent, autonomous organization and has independent governance, legal and financial structure from IASP.IPPS has strong reserves and is fiscally sound. Furthermore, IPPS revenue is derived from membership dues and annual conference revenue with very little support from any industry.

IPPS has always been a strong advocate for multi-modal, inter-disciplinary and integrated management of chronic pain. We advocate for pain research, for provider and patient education and for improved access to care. As long as we have support from our members we will continue this important work.

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Georgine, Lamvu, MD, MPH 
IPPS, Board Chair


Posted by IPPS Admin on August 15, 2019, 12:00AM

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