Patient Education Committee

Mission: The mission of the patient education committee of the IPPS to establish the IPPS as the preeminent resource for education and support for patients with chronic pelvic pain and their families. Educational materials will be primarily through the IPPS website but outreach via such formats as Twitter and other forms of social media will be considered such as a blog. Educational content will be up to date, easy to follow, and will reflect the multifaceted nature of chronic pelvic pain and the multidisciplinary approach to management.

  • Andrea Rapkin, MD (Chair)
  • Amy Benjamin, MD (Vice Chair)
  • Bryan Baisinger, DC
  • Kenneth Barron, MD
  • Betsy Greenleaf, DO
  • Angie Stoehr, MD
  • Jacyln Bonder, MD
  • Jennifer Cumming, PT, MSPT, CLT, WCS
  • Toya Ellis, MD
  • Quelen Farias, PT
  • Ashley Gubbels, MD
  • Nicole Leong, MD
  • Yolianne Lozada, MD FACOG
  • Reina Nakamura, DO
  • Anna Reinert, MD
  • Katie de Souza, MD
  • Kelly Scott, MD