Ethics, Professionalism and Equality Committee (EPEC)

Mission: The purpose of the International Pelvic Pain Society (IPPS) Ethics, Professionalism and Equality Committee (EPEC) is to define and establish principles for professional behavior that governs all IPPS activities, and members, exhibitors, sponsors, contractors, volunteers and non-members participating in IPPS sponsored activities. The IPPS fosters and supports a safe and professional environment to learn, conduct research, and disseminate clinical and scientific knowledge with integrity, respect, fairness, trustworthiness and transparency. The professional environment includes interactions within the society, the scientific community and with members of the public. The role of the EPEC is to evaluate allegations of behavior in conflict with the IPPS Code of Conduct and to ensure that this evaluative process is consistent with the standard operating procedures (SOP) outlined in the EPEC SOP policy.

  • Meryl J. Alappattu, DPT, PhD (Chair)
  • Sawsan As-Sanie, MD, MPH
  • Amy Benjamin, MD
  • Nita Desai, MD, MBA
  • Kathy Witzeman, MD

Download EPEC SOP

If you would like to file a report with the EPEC, please email [email protected]

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